SHOW B – “The Medium Show!”

Medium to Large Events, 60 minutes


SHOW B packs all of the Las Vegas excitement of SHOW A without the disappearance/reappearance of your executive.

Your Audience Member Floats in Mid-Air!
Curt makes a member of your group float in mid-air! He then passes a hoop over the volunteer proving there is absolutely no means of support.  This is a beautiful illusion that will baffle even the most astute engineers in your audience!

The Dream Box!

dreamboxThis routine gets your entire audience involved!  Curt calls attention to a locked box suspended high above the stage and containing a prediction of things your group is about to say.

Five audience members are selected at random to answer one of the following questions about a fantasy-vacation:

  1. Where will we go on our vacation?
  2. What kind of transportation will we take?
  3. How long will we stay there?
  4. How much spending money should we take?
  5. What kind of souvenirs should we bring back? (* Note that these questions can be CUSTOMIZED for your event if you’d like).

Another audience member than comes up to the stage, unlocks the Dream Box, and reads Curt’s predictions which MATCH PERFECTLY the audience’s responses!

SHOW B Specifications

  • Approximately 50 minutes in Length
  • TWO Large-Scale Illusions, including the Levitaion of an Audience Member and The Dream Box
  • Great, Clean Comedy-Magic Routines
  • Audience Participation (Everyone’s a Hero)
  • Corporate-Approved
  • Family Friendly
  • Beautiful Stage Backdrop
  • Automated Digital Music System Adds Excitement and Energy to the Show
  • Bose “Tower” Audio P.A. System Provided (Dual Speakers)

SHOW B Requirements

  • Two 12×16 risers preferred for maximum visibility. Other arrangements are possible. Curt will work with your event coordinator to best set up the room for your particular event. CLICK HERE to see Curt’s preferred layout for SHOW B
  • For visibility, audience must be in front of Curt (not directly to the sides or behind)
  • Audience Participation (Everyone’s a Hero)
  • Venue should be available at least 3 hours prior to showtime for set-up
  • That’s it!