Trade Shows

Imagine this many people at YOUR trade show exhibit!


Maximize your trade show investment! Magician Curt Miller draws the crowds to your exhibit with amazing magic that entertains while communicating YOUR MESSAGE. Each routine is custom-written to incorporate information about your company, products, and services. Take another look at the picture above. Did your last trade show exhibit draw this kind of traffic? Now THAT’S AMAZING!
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MetLife Bank NA“Curt, you were a 5 star addition to our sales team. You were the primary reason our booth was the BUSIEST and the show exceeded our expectations in terms of leads, visibility and customer goodwill. I highly recommend you to anyone that wants to get a winning ROI on their trade show investment.”

Tom Dickson National Sales Leader MetLife Bank

Sales Meetings

Don’t settle for another boring old sales meeting. Energize it by adding the excitement of live entertainment. Magician Curt Miller cleverly integrates your message with amazing magic to enliven your meeting and illustrate your points in a fun and entertaining way.

Fminutemaidor example, The Minute Maid Company had a very unusual request. They were changing their name (and corporate identity) from Coca-Cola Foods into The Minute Maid Company.

They called on Magician Curt Miller to create an entire custom show to help illustrate the changeover.  First, Curt made all of the competitors’ products disappear and change into Minute Maid products! Then, he made a giant 15-foot Windsurf Board appear from thin air. The board was then given away to a lucky audience member.

Your participation in the sales meeting portion was truly one of the more creative ways we have ever presented our brands’ positioning and promotion!”

– Fred Arnold, Minute Maid Co.”