Add the WOW FACTOR to your event!

Curt Miller Productions specializes in Large-Scale Productions, and we have the biggest collection of Large-Scale Illusions in the Gulf Coast just waiting to bring magic to your event! Take a look below for inspiration and call or email us for something amazing customized for your group.


The Disappearing Executive
Curt makes your VIP vanish into thin air!
Easy and requires very little rehearsal.

The Appearing Executive from Blue Screens
Curt makes your VIP magically appear!
Easy and requires very little rehearsal.

The Light Cabinet
Curt makes up to THREE of your guests magically appear in a large lighted cabinet. Very theatrical! Easy for your VIPs and can be performed surrounded.

The Crystal Cabinets
Curt makes 2 dancers instantly appear inside completely clear plexiglass boxes! It looks absolutely impossible!
We have two of these for double the fun.

The Flash Appearance
Curt Miller magically appears in a giant puff of smoke!
Best performed in a theatre setting.

Stack of Boxes
4 boxes sitting on the stage are stacked and out pops Curt (or your VIP)! Boxes can have your logo or can be Christmas presents, etc.


Levitating Your VIP
Curt makes someone from your group float in mid-air!
Requires NO rehearsal with your VIP.

Neon Light Levitation
Very beautiful, theatrical and magical.
Curt makes a woman magically float on a neon light

SuperHero Levitation
Very beautiful, theatrical and magical.
Curt transforms into a Superhero and soars up, up & away!

Phone Booth Appearance
Curt vanishes and reappears in full-size phone booth filled with smoke!


“The Miller Self-Sawing”
An original illusion you won’t see anywhere else!
Curt saws himself in half! Set in a 1920’s routine with costuming & music.

Houdini’s Metamorphosis!
Billed by Houdini as “The Fastest Illusion in the World!” An amazing, exciting and great show closer that can be performed close & surrounded.

The Twister!
A fun & amazing illusion where the assistant’s head spins around! Large 50’s set & choreographed dance available.

The Mismade Woman!
Curt cuts his assistant into fourths but “accidentally” puts her back together wrong!.


Curt makes it snow in your venue! Epic and perfect for Holiday events.

The “Origami” Production
A Japanese-themed routine complete with giant rice screens, authentic costuming and a Japanese Fan Dance; PLUS swords, a box, and a beautiful assistant!

The Sword Zag
A thrilling & amazing Illusion. 2 dangerous girls in “Kill Bill”costumes with swords make Curt disappear, but not before wreaking their havoc!

“Appropriate & Inappropriate Audience Responses”
Another original routine that gets the whole crowd involved complete with a dance number and appearing woman!

The incredible illusion with the strange name!
A dancer magically appears in the blink of an eye.

The Tiger Cage
Our brand new addition! Curt (or your VIP) magically changes to 3 dancers…or a tiger!

“ROCK STAR!” – Curt’s Original Signature Closer!

“I want to leave like a ROCK STAR!”

Curt plays a wild and raucous drum solo!

Then a keyboard solo…

Then an electric guitar solo!

The guitar floats and disappears…

Then Curt disappears…and Reappears in the back of the room!