The latest news in my World of Magic!

Performing Magic for Henry Winkler!

My 6th movie:  Doing a Card Trick in Die Hard!

My 5th movie:  Doing a Card Trick for Will Ferrell!

My 4th movie:  Doing a Card Trick for John Cleese!

(Special thanks for Mr. Cleese for blessing this project)

My 3rd movie:  Doing a Card Trick for Samuel L Jackson!

(Doing magic for Samuel L Jackson can be dangerous!)
This video has 2 million views on TikTok!

My 2nd movie:  Doing a Card Trick for Han Solo!

(Han Solo, Chewbacca & Obi Wan are a tough crowd!)

My 1st movie:  Doing a Card Trick for Robert De Niro!

(Robert De Niro is not easily impressed!)

Emerson Automation

Emerson Automation Solutions went BIG with their corporate event by having Curt make their VIP disappear and levitating their marketing director!

Chase Bank (Phoenix)

Chase Bank in Phoenix brought the magic to their employees with a fun “virtual’ show!

John Cleese!

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 was definitely a game-changer for live performers, including me!  The upside is that I have had some amazing opportunities to perform “virtually” for some really great people.  Here I am entertaining actor/writer John Cleese (co-founder of Monty Python).  Actually, he entertained me just as much!

The Woodlands Resort

Several hundred people showed up to see our big show at The Woodlands Resort, one of my favorite venues in Texas!

Galderma Dermatology & The Tilt Group

Galderma Dermatology asked me to make a six-foot bottle of their new prescription medicine magically appear for their product kick-off.  No problem!


Always a pleasure to entertain my friends at British Petroleum. December is always a busy month entertaining at corporate events. Magic and clean comedy are always a hit with even the most diverse crowds!



Amazon hired me to entertain their employees at their Holiday party. I opened with “I would have gotten here earlier, but you didn’t have Prime.” My magic, however, did not compare to the device in this picture. When you said “Alexa, pour me a beer” it filled your glass!


Central Green

600 people showed up to see our annual big show at Central Green park in Katy. We love this venue! We brought the BIG show, including lights, doves, music, big Illusions…I even made someone from the audience levitate!