SHOW C – “The Small Show!”

Small to Medium Events, 45 minutes

This is Curt’s most popular (and affordable) show, perfect for small to medium size audiences. If you’d like great entertainment but don’t need the larger Las Vegas-style illusions of Shows A and B, this show is perfect for your event! Packs small, but plays big with plenty of great magic, clean comedy and audience interaction that is ALWAYS a hit with both corporate and private groups!

Great Comedy Magic

ComedyMagicCurt’s show will appeal to EVERYONE in your group: all ages, all nationalities. It’s amazing, intelligent, fast-paced and fun. Newspapers are shredded and instantly restored. Things appear and disappear. It looks like real magic, but of course it is all sleight-of-hand perfected over thousands of performances. Curt’s unique talents combine side-splitting CLEAN comedy with amazing magic routines and audience interaction.  This special combination creates a fun event that is ALWAYS a hit with groups just like yours. EVERY show is a GREAT show!

Audience Interaction!

Watch3One of the things that makes Curt’s show so special is that your group actually participates in the show, making your event a unique experience! A veteran of over 25 years performing at Corporate Events, Curt is an expert at choosing volunteers and making sure they have a GREAT time. Curt always makes sure volunteers are heroes and never embarrassed.  Everyone has fun! Audience interaction is the key to making your event truly fun and entertaining for everyone.

SHOW C Specifications

  • Approximately 45 minutes in Length (length can be customized)
  • Great, Clean Comedy-Magic Routines
  • Audience Participation (Everyone’s a Hero)

SHOW C Requirements

  • Any amount of space is fine
  • For visibility, audience must be in front of Curt (not directly to the sides or behind)
  • That’s it!